Saturday, January 30, 2010




That's how dinosaurs extinct~!

This is the rework of "Hot Bugs", a collaboration with Flyingmouse .

Haven't been subbing for almost half a year so hope you guys still like it.
Appreciate all the supports. Thanks.

Vote me ! <--click link to see the details of the design as well.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Hello and a Happy New Year to you!

Yes. It’s a new year to make new resolutions.
This is an annually event that i have to make to keep myself moving.... ^_^

I guessed I had achieved most of the resolutions which i made in 2009 like getting more t-shirt printed , collaborated with various artists/designers etc.
The only thing that i really didn’t achieve is to keep fit. I failed to keep my waist under control and its expanding in inches every day. Haaa. I'm not going to make it a resolution this year but I will try my best to do it if possible...

New Year Resolution for 2010

1) The first thing to kick the start for the year is to do prints (poster) for sale so you can expect "prints" from me if you're keen on getting them especially " Hunting season."

Hunting Season R WIP

I'm already on the process of redoing and refining it.
Probably, I'll be doing a limited prints of A1 size for the first batch of poster
and then after A2 for the rest of prints. Anyway if you are interested on getting this poster , please join my facebook page for discussion and update.

2) To get more designs printed on Tee again..

3) More Collaboration works.

4) Probably get a website up as many had told me that its not professional for not having one. It is true? I'm not sure but I’m on the process on working out the details and getting friend to do it for me.

Thank you again for everything in 2009.
May the force be with you, always!