Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tee on sale in Lafraise

XXI The World Tee

This design is based on the Tarot card XXI: The world which represents an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the next big cycle beginning with the fool.....

Available in Lafraise now.
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Snow Queen Tee

Adapted from One of Andersen's longest tales..

Snow Queen, who travels throughout the world with the snow.
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*For Girls only.

Photos of Freebies from Lafraise Crew. Thanks

Back from Holidays

Just came back from Bangkok last night around midnight times.

BKK Thailand 06
*Inside the Suvarnabhumi airport

We were lucky enough to board the 8pm (Bangkok times) flight back to Singapore
(*I believed that we had took the last flight) before the Suvarnabhumi airport was closed around 9pm after the protesters stormed the terminal. p( ゚д゚!)q

Wheez * sweat sweat* ヽ(`Д´)ノ
Some shit luck~!!!

BKK Thailand 11

Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)
Oh yea. The stairs was steep and high ! _| ̄|○

BKK Thailand

Street outside of Wat Arun . It was around Sunset when i took this photo. Kinda of like the feel of this photo . ( ゚∀゚)=b wow!!!

BKK Thailand 04

BKK Thailand 02

Jim Thompson House
Oldest statue inside of Jim Thompson House. (´・ω・`)

BKK Thailand 05

Sa-Wat Dee khrab
(*Welcome in Thai for male )
Ronald in Thai pose outside of MacDonald near Patpong. ヽ(`Д´)ノwaaahh

BKK Thailand 07

Wat Intharawihan
-32-metres high standing Buddha. Fwah~! (゚∀゚)

BKK Thailand 08

Chinatown Bangkok
- Here's where you get the bird's nest from. ( ´ ^ `)

BKK Thailand 09

Sanam Luang
Royal Grounds beside the Grand Palace

BKK Thailand 03

National Gallery
Outside of National Gallery . It was closed when we paid our visit on Monday. Maybe next time.... _| ̄|○

BKK Thailand 10

MBK shopping mall
15minutes walk from our hotel ( Twin Tower Hotel )

Overall, we did enjoyed our 6 days stayed in Bangkok although there's few places of interest that we are not able to visit and also because of the protest and riot. Hopefully, when the situation is better and safe, we might plan for another trips there, sometime, next year.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Project United Kranes

*Backdated post.

Continue from the previous post, United Kranes.
Here's some drawing & characters design from the project which i did not post previously.

The shoes

It was very kind of them to send me a pair of shoes from their new series, all the way from US.
(^ ^) b Sweet~!

Actually, I received it a months plus ago but was only free to post it up today. As I was busy helping out a friend on a children educational book that had took months for completion due to unforeseen circumstances. ( ~ ~!)p
Anyway , the project is somewhat completed (* I hope so) and yup I hope I had time to do more personal works soon ..

Other than that, some of the guys was asking me about the artwork and tutorial which I did for Adobe Illustrator CS 4. It won't be shown in the site I guess; most probably it will be included in the program. :D

A good news is I won another Tee contest~ Yay!
As usual, I was told not to tell anyone about it so until then I keep you guys’ update on this blog.