Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Vote for Pandas

08 was a pretty good year for me. I would said it's more like a "Dream come true" Year as I did things which I never expected I would had done, such as Adobe CS 4 Release, involving in Exhibition in Asia countries (such as China and Taiwan) and most of all had couple of designs printed on tee in renowned site.

I guessed I had achieved my 08 resolutions by bringing more good artworks and designs to you whom like it.
Of coz I know I couldn't had done it without the many supports and votes from the folks here which is you, you and you. Yes you too. Thanks a million.

New Year Resolution for this 2009

1) Most important will be doing more exercise & keeping fit, I find myself getting fatter and fatter each day. Haha. For the past 35040 hours, I spent 60% of the times which is 21024 hours sitting in front of this screen, drawing and drawing and without doing much exercise except for my hands and brain. Hope I can really do something about this. I guess most artist and designer have to do something about it … lol

2) To get more designs printed on Tee I guess..

3)More Collaboration work ( Especially those who are in the waiting list , you know who u are. ha)

09 are going to be a pretty tough year due to recession and I’m already feeling the tension of it. Anyway, here’s just a few resolutions and goals for me to aim (* although I don’t quite follow it most of the times :D)…

Resubmitted my panda design in Uneetee (* Register if you had not)

Uneetee <--Panda Revolution V

Do give your votes and comments for the Revolution. :lol:
Oh and A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 TO YOU ~!!!! Thanks

Currently creating Panda Revolution VI...

Bushi Gakki


Legend tells of Young brave "Bushi" who fought against the "King of Tiger" in the blossom "Sakura valley".

* Inspired from the story of "Wu song" ,a hero in the "Water Margin", famous for his slaying of a tiger with bare hands.

combines Japanese Bushi and Punk Rock & Roll style.He was borne in a serious Bushi's family, but he is so mischievous & untamable. He was educated in the spirit of Bushido, but is in a fever of Rock & Roll music. Gakki went far away from home to shape his Kendo skill in order to not disappoint his father. Also he didn't give up his dream in the beginning - Rock & Roll music.

* Bushi Gakki Toy

Now the toy is up for sale in the exhibition & website in Taiwan. Do give them your supports.

*Photo from the Exhibition


Exhibition date / Place:
From December 20th, 2008 to January 4rd, 2009.
At Shihlin Citizen Hall No.75, Dadong Rd., Shihlin District, Taipei.
Toll free at 9:00 to 21:00 on Monday to Sunday (break: 12:00 to 14:00、17:00 to 18:00)

Participating Artists Include:
ABON (TW) + BEN (TW) + capcomkai (TW) + DARK (TW) + HIME+YOU (JP) + HYDE (TW) + Jason Rabbit (TW) + Joise (TW) + JUBI (TW) + Kenji (MY) + kwan (MY) + Michael Chuah (MY) + MUTA (TW) + san (HK) + Spawnmax (TW) + Tank (TW) + Toru (JP) + UAMOU高木玲子(JP) + xiaobaosg(SP) + 大貓風子 (TW) + 不二良 (TW) + 奶油隊長 (TW) + 布丁 (TW) + 阿建 (TW)阿寬 (TW) + 般若鬼 (TW) + 氫酸鉀 (TW) + 端木哀 (TW) + 薛暴 (TW).

Bushi Gakki Original character by JUBI(TAIWAN)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Deep Blue Sea Tee

Deep Blue Sea Tee

First win at DBH

"Kraken, the terrible sea monster of "Davy Jones" had been summoned to send the "Pearl" to a watery grave."

Thanks everyone that had voted on this design.
It’s available in Designbyhumans now.

Buy here

Be sure to grab a piece for yourself or as a gift for your friends and family. Last but not the least,

(*Finally, after 1 years... I'm able to get Jimiyo's tee. Yeah!)

Oh and i have 2 designs for vote in DBH. Why don't you give me your votes for it if you like it . :D <--Fade away
<-- Onmyoji

Friday, December 05, 2008

Adobe Magic Paintbrush

Adobe Magic Paintbrush

Adobe Magic Paintbrush

I did this illustration and a tutorial for Adobe Illustrator CS 4 a few months ago
and it's up for download now. This is the first time I'm using AI to make illustration
so it might look stiff and .... you know what i mean. Ha~!

Anyway , It really an honor for an amateur illustrator like me to involve in project by
the "Godfather of Design industry", Adobe and be the first few to trial out the program. Really have lots of fun. :D

You can go to to download different tutorials by various artists.

or go to --How to of Magic paintbrush


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Big Catch Tee

The Big Catch

Thanks everyone that had voted for this design.
It's available in Threadless now.

Buy here <--

I hope you like it as much as i do.
So I'm left with 1 more on the list to be printed. Heh.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tee on sale in Lafraise

XXI The World Tee

This design is based on the Tarot card XXI: The world which represents an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the next big cycle beginning with the fool.....

Available in Lafraise now.
Click Here <---

Snow Queen Tee

Adapted from One of Andersen's longest tales..

Snow Queen, who travels throughout the world with the snow.
Now available at Lafraise

Click Here <---
*For Girls only.

Photos of Freebies from Lafraise Crew. Thanks

Back from Holidays

Just came back from Bangkok last night around midnight times.

BKK Thailand 06
*Inside the Suvarnabhumi airport

We were lucky enough to board the 8pm (Bangkok times) flight back to Singapore
(*I believed that we had took the last flight) before the Suvarnabhumi airport was closed around 9pm after the protesters stormed the terminal. p( ゚д゚!)q

Wheez * sweat sweat* ヽ(`Д´)ノ
Some shit luck~!!!

BKK Thailand 11

Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)
Oh yea. The stairs was steep and high ! _| ̄|○

BKK Thailand

Street outside of Wat Arun . It was around Sunset when i took this photo. Kinda of like the feel of this photo . ( ゚∀゚)=b wow!!!

BKK Thailand 04

BKK Thailand 02

Jim Thompson House
Oldest statue inside of Jim Thompson House. (´・ω・`)

BKK Thailand 05

Sa-Wat Dee khrab
(*Welcome in Thai for male )
Ronald in Thai pose outside of MacDonald near Patpong. ヽ(`Д´)ノwaaahh

BKK Thailand 07

Wat Intharawihan
-32-metres high standing Buddha. Fwah~! (゚∀゚)

BKK Thailand 08

Chinatown Bangkok
- Here's where you get the bird's nest from. ( ´ ^ `)

BKK Thailand 09

Sanam Luang
Royal Grounds beside the Grand Palace

BKK Thailand 03

National Gallery
Outside of National Gallery . It was closed when we paid our visit on Monday. Maybe next time.... _| ̄|○

BKK Thailand 10

MBK shopping mall
15minutes walk from our hotel ( Twin Tower Hotel )

Overall, we did enjoyed our 6 days stayed in Bangkok although there's few places of interest that we are not able to visit and also because of the protest and riot. Hopefully, when the situation is better and safe, we might plan for another trips there, sometime, next year.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Project United Kranes

*Backdated post.

Continue from the previous post, United Kranes.
Here's some drawing & characters design from the project which i did not post previously.

The shoes

It was very kind of them to send me a pair of shoes from their new series, all the way from US.
(^ ^) b Sweet~!

Actually, I received it a months plus ago but was only free to post it up today. As I was busy helping out a friend on a children educational book that had took months for completion due to unforeseen circumstances. ( ~ ~!)p
Anyway , the project is somewhat completed (* I hope so) and yup I hope I had time to do more personal works soon ..

Other than that, some of the guys was asking me about the artwork and tutorial which I did for Adobe Illustrator CS 4. It won't be shown in the site I guess; most probably it will be included in the program. :D

A good news is I won another Tee contest~ Yay!
As usual, I was told not to tell anyone about it so until then I keep you guys’ update on this blog.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008



The Wild band 2


This is the 2nd version of wild band , i had made some changes on it.

Running design in DBH. Do give me your vote/comment if you like it. ^__^ thanks

Here’s the link <---

Like Father Like Son

Inspired by Austin Powers

"My father is evil and he want me take over the world"

Every Father wants their child to be the best in the world , same applied to Dr Evil. <---

Fairy tail <---

Kistune V2 <---

& in Uneetee

when the dogs combines.

Vote here.... <---

Supposed to submit Fairytail and Dogmation to Lafraise but they had been rejecting my designs lately because they said it was "inappropriate" for a t-shirt design. q( ~ ~!)p Well~ That's ok.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gone with the wind

Gone with the wind

Gone with the wind

"In the future, the world we used to know had already gone with the wind and different from what we see today. Humans have caused Great illness to the Mother Earth, making the world a desolate place. "

Invited to participate in an Animé book project "a day in the Life of Neo New York" by Freestyle collective, and IdN . (Actual art exhibition of works TBD 2009.)

This project pays homage to the influence and style of Japanese animation and artists had to interpret, through their medium of choice, what a day in the Life of Neo New York would be like in the future.

I had tried to make this more anime style illustration , hopefully i had achieved that feel. And yes , I'm sucked in doing illustration like this so problems like lighting and perspective error can be easily spotted. ^__^!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Destroy III

Destroy III

Destroy III ( "破壊3"or "ぶっ壊せ3!)

Heavenly Cyborg , a robot character inspired by japan and Chinese cultural from one of my personal work .
(* Japanese word in the balloon mean tear up or rip)



Destroy II

Destroy I & II "(above)

Heavenly Cyborg was created in 2006 and they made their first debut ( lol) in Chapter Four of M0saic Monkey :Knocking on the heaven's door part 1.

"The robot was made of burning incense ( the 2 long tube behind that why the smoke on top of it) , some craving in chinese/japan cultural , altars (shape of the body) , Chinese opera ( the painting on their face) & armor from Chinese warrior."

Later in 2007 , New Heavenly Cyborg Alpha was created as the main role in another side story of Mosaic Monkey: Destroy whereby his mission was to destroy Mobile Kong Zeta , a robot drove by mosaic monkey.

So far , the illustration of the series "Destroy" had been featured in magazine , sold as a tee and will be exhibited in an exhibition soon.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sub sub sub

For Threadless Love Drawing Competition

Fade away - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Normal competition

Colorful life - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
Give yourself some colors in life. :D

Coming soon......
Revised version

Create Life - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Click on the thumbnails to vote.

Monday, September 15, 2008

xiaobaosg LOVES Drawing

- Sketch

- Ink with Sakura Pigma Micron 0.1 & 0.3
- Scan in and then clean up with Photoshop using Tablet

Below it's the coloring process...




4. Final design

Fade away Tesign

Threadless LOVES Drawing
Above it's just a simple brief through on the process of Fade away using mixed media.

The other day, i finally found the DVD of "Dragon The Bruce Lee story by Jason Scott lee ( 1993)" in my local store which i been searching for very long and best of all ,they are having closing down sale ( haha).

I remember watching it during school days and i supposed Bruce lee said this before, " They are afraid because they do not know the beauty of the cultural ( Chinese cultural). Someone need to show them that."

I know this is not the regular type of design you often see in Threadless. No, I'm not trying to be special and i know probably it going to lose ( big time) , but i felt i should do something oriental sometime and perhaps show or share with you the beauty of cultural .

*sept 17th
Design up for voting. Do give me your votes & comments if you like it.

Fade away - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
* Poem by Lee Bai

Fade away Wallpaper

Wallpaper : Download

*This design was pretty much inspired by a HK movie " A chinese ghost story."