Sunday, February 18, 2007

恭喜发财 Happy Chinese New Year

Illustrations for Hotel 81

illustration for CNY Lights up 6

(Illustrations projected on Hotel 81 , Chinatown , Singapore)

Happy Chinese New Year!!

I'm currently working for a animation studio as a concept artist . Folks there are really nice, skillful and professional peoples. I really enjoyed working there. Last but not least. I like to thanks all whom like, love, support my works and had given an amateur artist like me a chance to bring my works closer to you.

Jan 6 - Reach+
Jan 9 - Featured in Coroflot
Jan 18 - Chinatown Lights up Project/ 115 Digital Art Gallery, Art: Part Two" Collection in Romania
Jan 28 - Seasonal Affective Design online Magazine
Feb 10 - Featured in ImagineFX Magazine
Coming soon - Tiger Translate 2007 "Gold" "Translate your modern Asia"

恭喜发财,新年进步 To You!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Featured in ImagineFX

Xiaobaosg_Feature_in ImagineFX

Featured in ImagineFX

My artwork and the collaboration that I did with Teammate sloth were featured in this month ImagineFX. This is the first time; I got my works published in a magazine. ( ^ ^)\/
Excited I am.
*Laugh at the photo taken by sloth79.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Random updates

illustration for CNY Lights up 3

illustration for CNY Lights up 2

illustration for CNY Lights up

illustration for CNY Lights up 4

This is the actual "look" of the illustration I did for the CNY Lights up event in Chinatown, Singapore. (Photos Provided by Exodium)

(One of my illustration in Hotel81 website)

More photos in

Illustrations from various artists & designers will be projected on the building of People Park Centre and Hotel 81 from 27th Jan to 17th feb , 7pm- 12am (daily)
Beautiful isn't it? :D

>>>Next updates

The 115DigitalArtGallery will be postponed to sometimes in middle March and will remain a week long event. Below is a list of 83 digital artists from all over the world whom will be exhibiting their artworks ;

(The last name .... ( ^ ^)\/ is me!!)
Do give your supports to this event.

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