Monday, September 25, 2006

GARO 牙狼 - 暗黑騎士篇

Berserk Garo

*The Dark side of Kouga(*Garo) , Beserk Garo
When Kouga transform into Garo , there's only a limit of 99.9 seconds time-frame for him to finish the "horror". Over using of the power , he will be swallow by it. This is the phobia for Makai knight . Falling into the dark side.

GARO 牙狼 - 暗黑騎士篇

Garo 暗黑騎士篇
W.I.P , still gathering more references for this poster.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lost 迷失记


When you lost your aim , will it be hard to find back again

When you lost your way , will you be like a lamp post at the
T-junction , shining no where

When you lost your dream , will you try hard to recall it

在人生的道路上,迷失方向了吗 ?
Lost in the path of life ?

Lost diary

Lost again.

Originally written by 孙静贤

Illustration Friday ( Phobia)
* Are you scare of being left alone?

*從你選擇了,擡起脚走了上去的那一刻,你就再也不能回頭!回頭的路,已不是原來的路!回頭的你,已不是當初的你 .....

> Cell shading plus practise on painting and rending with photoshop.......

Monday, September 18, 2006

Waiting in the wind 风的终点

Waiting in the wind (Vintage version)
(Vintage Version)

Waiting in the wind (风的终点)

"时间也许会改变,不过我依然会在风的终点 ...........静静的等着你...... "
"Although time will change(if) but I'll still be waiting for you the end side of wind"

When are you going to rest
When will you say goodbye
I will not complaint
At the end side of the wind
i will be there, waiting for you....

illustration inspired by song "风的终点 " by Soler , testing out, painting and blending with photoshop .

Kamen Rider Black S.I.C

S.I.C. Kamen Rider Black

*First time, doing Photo Manipulation with SIC toy.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

> , a new and aspiring community for artists and creative minds. The site is all about the people that visit it, visitors would be able to create and manage their own galleries, write articles, participate in contests and much more. Their aim is to make it as userfriendly as possible, and are adding content every day.

I just joined this site recently and was surprised that " Shinigami (death god)" was choosen as Illustration of the week 4. If you like to know and find out more about this site , click on the link above.

Friday, September 08, 2006

4playz website

After months of preparation, is now officially launched.

>4PLAY CLUB is also officially renamed to 4PLAYZ. You will be able to see loads of work of different genres. Do check out our galleries , our updated will be on a regular basis (these includes, our individual works , our collaboration works and our webcomics ) .

Fun, Joy, Entertainment and Art are what we hope to share in our work with the World out there. We hope we can have all your supports. Thanks a million!

Illustration Friday- Safe

Angel Summer

Angel Summer
*A last minute request from a friend q(~~!)p ! *
She wanted to be illustrated as an angel . At this level of height, i hope she does feel safe sitting on a small cloud. :P ( quick practise 1hrs)